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Messiah's Timeline (AD39)

  'Abomination of Desolation'

Dan 9:25 " And after the sixty-two weeks Messiah shall be cut off, but not for Himself; and the people of the prince who is to come Shall destroy the city and the sanctuary. The end of it shall be with a flood, And till the end of the war desolations are determined.
    From the command of King Cyrus to rebuild the temple of God to the completion of wall of Jerusalem is 7x7 = 49 years. From the command to the death of the Messiah is 69x7 = 463 years. The Messiah's death is not for Himself but for all mankind as the sacrificial Lamb.

34 yrs before Death of Messiah

      Miraculous birth of John
1. Zacharias prophesied the imminent birth of the Messiah.
Luke 1:76 "And you, child, will be called the prophet of the Highest; For you will go before the face of the Lord to prepare His ways."
    The Priesthood should be eagerly expecting the birth of the Messiah.

Birth of Jesus
1. Shepherds testified Jesus' birth
Luke 2:11, 17-18 "For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord"

2. Simeon testified Jesus as the Christ
Luke 2:26 And it had been revealed to him by the Holy Spirit that he would not see death before he had seen the Lord's Christ.

3. Prophetess Anna's testified Jesus as the Redeemer
Luke 2:38 And coming in that instant she gave thanks to the Lord, and spoke of Him to all those who looked for redemption in Jerusalem.

4. Wise men from the East
Mat 2:4-5 And when he had gathered all the chief priests and scribes of the people together, he inquired of them where the Christ was to be born. So they said to him, "In Bethlehem of Judea, for thus it is written by the prophet:"
    The Priesthood and scribes knew of the birth of the Messiah in Bethlehem.

30 years after Birth of Messiah
    John the Baptist testified that Jesus was the Lamb of God as prophesied in Isaiah 53.
John 1:29 The next day John saw Jesus coming toward him, and said, "Behold! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!

Ministry of Jesus
    His three and a half years ministry filled with exceptional signs and wonders, love, compassions, humility, etc. convinced many Jews to accept Him as the Messiah, but they were persecuted by the blind Priesthood.
John 1:45 Philip found Nathanael and said to him, "We have found Him (Messiah) of whom Moses in the law, and also the prophets, wrote -- Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph."

Why Priesthood rejected Messiah?
    The Priesthood only knew Jesus as the Messiah by His signs and wonders, knowledge of Scriptures, zeal for God, righteous works, mercy, etc. Without Daniel's prophecies, all Jews were expecting the Messiah to come as a Deliverer, annihilating the Romans, and then established His Millennium Rule in Jerusalem over all. They (including His own disciples) could not accept Him as a Lamb of God nailed to the cross

     Rejecting the Book of Daniel
Mark 13:14a "So when you see the 'abomination of desolation,' spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing where it ought not" (let the reader understand), "
   Our Lord warned the Jews and His disciples that Daniel was God's prophet and that they must read and understand the book of Daniel.

Luke 16:31 "But he said to him, 'If they do not hear Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded though one rise from the dead.' "
    Without Daniel, the Jewish leaders were deceived and missed the chance of salvation by accepting Jesus Christ as their Messiah